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WEBRip 06 September 2019 6.5/104 857 votes 7.25/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Comedy / Drama Director:Nisha Ganatra Cast:Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling, John Lithgow, Reid Scott, Amy Ryan Release Date:14 June 2019 Language:English Time: 102 min

The life of the host of the legendary evening talk show is turned upside down when she hires the only female author in her male team. But if initially in this way it was only planned to solve the...

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HDRip 22 July 2019 5.7/1028 931 votes 9.38/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Action / Adventure / Comedy Director:F. Gary Gray Cast:Rebecca Ferguson, Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Davina Sitaram Release Date:12 June 2019 Language:English Time: 114 min

Representatives of extraterrestrial civilization continue to arrive on planet Earth, but their activities are closely watched by employees of a secret organization. They are not easy to calculate...

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WEBRip 10 July 2019 6.9/103 595 votes 8.25/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA, Canada Genre:Movies / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Family Director:Chris Butler Cast:Hugh Jackman, Zoe Saldana, Timothy Olyphant, Emma Thompson, Matt Lucas, Zach Galifianakis, Amrita Acharia Release Date:11 April 2019 Language:English Time: 95 min

Researchers of antiquities, archaeologists, collectors of fairy tales and legends, seekers of truth in legends are good and necessary people. But sometimes they have to prove their case with resolute...

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BDRip 17 December 2018 6.5/1016124 votes 9.31/10 User votes
Year2018 Country:UK, France, USA Genre:Movies / Action / Adventure / Comedy Director:David Kerr Cast:Olga Kurylenko, Emma Thompson, Rowan Atkinson Release Date:21 September 2018 Language:English Time: 89 min

The employee of the Queen’s Guard of England, who is the most experienced and sole agent, intends to leave the workplace and deserve to retire, having reached the appropriate age and career heights....

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