WEBRip 10 September 2019 6.6/10245 votes 8.0/10 User votes
Year2018 Country:UK, Sweden Genre:Movies / Drama Director:Harry Wootliff Cast:Laia Costa, Josh O'Connor, Lisa McGrillis, Stuart Martin, Peter Wight Release Date:12 July 2019 Language:English Time: 119 min

Elena and Jake accidentally meet on New Year's Eve, arguing who first caught a stopped taxi. Ultimately, they decide to ride together. But instead of going their separate ways, they get out of the...

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CAMRip 10 September 2019 7.1/1039 723 votes 8.75/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Horror Director:Andy Muschietti Cast:Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Skarsgård, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Bill Hader Release Date:5 September 2019 Language:English Time: 169 min

Continuation of the sensational horror film, which is a remake of the mini-series of the 90s. The film “It: Chapter Two” takes place twenty-seven years after the terrible events that took place in a...

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BDRip 08 September 2019 5.5/103 116 votes 7.5/10 User votes
Year2018 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Horror / Western Director:Emma Tammi Cast:Caitlin Gerard, Ashley Zukerman, Julia Goldani Telles, Miles Anderson, Dylan McTee Release Date:6 June 2019 Language:English Time: 86 min

The action of the American Western «The Wind» with elements of horror takes place in the days of the Wild West. The end of the 19th century is marked by serious changes in the country. However, some...

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BDRip 08 September 2019 7.7/101 323 votes
Year2018 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Documentary Director:Sydney Pollack Cast:Aretha Franklin, Sydney Pollack, James Cleveland, C.L. Franklin, Mick Jagger Release Date:10 May 2019 Language:English Time: 89 min

The film shows the unique footage of the recording of one of the most famous Queen of Soul albums - Aretha Franklin....

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WEBRip 08 September 2019 6.4/1083 votes 7.0/10 User votes
Year2018 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Drama Director:Stephen Moyer Cast:Anna Paquin, Melissa Leo, Rhys Ifans, Cynthia Nixon, Ed Asner Release Date:24 June 2018 Language:English Time: 95 min

The family gets together after the death of the younger sister. Relatives of the deceased recall the past, simultaneously trying to find out the circumstances of the death of their loved one. In this...

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WEBRip 07 September 2019 7.1/101 304 votes 7.75/10 User votes
Year2018 Country:USA, Canada Genre:Movies / Horror / Thriller Director:Rudolf Buitendach Cast:Jenny Boyd, Ross McCall, Adrian Hough, Kelly Blatz, Philip Philmar Release Date:10 May 2019 Language:English Time: 85 min

A loving couple is chosen to rest on the shore by the ocean, but their entertainment is interrupted by an ancient demon who suddenly dwells in a girl....

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WEBRip 07 September 2019 5.6/1040 votes 7.5/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Action Director:Harley Wallen Cast:Scout Taylor-Compton, Richard Tyson, Billy Wirth, Yan Birch, Mel Novak Release Date:6 September 2019 Language:English Time: 105 min

After a revolutionary discovery in the field of genetics, the head of development, Bridgette, is faced with the negative and dangerous consequences of his scientific breakthrough. After all, the...

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WEBRip 07 September 2019 6.0/10213 votes 7.75/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Comedy / Horror Director:Chelsea Stardust Cast:Hayley Griffith, Rebecca Romijn, Arden Myrin, Ruby Modine, AJ Bowen Release Date:6 September 2019 Language:English Time: 85 min

A pizza delivery girl at the end of her financial rope has to fight for her life - and her tips - when her last order of the night turns out to be high society Satanists in need of a virgin sacrifice....

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WEBRip 07 September 2019 4.2/10310 votes 8.0/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Thriller Director:Fred Durst Cast:John Travolta, Devon Sawa, Ana Golja, James Paxton, Jessica Uberuaga Release Date:30 August 2019 Language:English Time: 88 min

A crazy fan (John Travolta) chases his adored action hero and destroys his stellar life. The film is based on a true story that happened with director Fred Durst....

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WEBRip 06 September 2019 6.5/104 857 votes 7.25/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Comedy / Drama Director:Nisha Ganatra Cast:Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling, John Lithgow, Reid Scott, Amy Ryan Release Date:14 June 2019 Language:English Time: 102 min

The life of the host of the legendary evening talk show is turned upside down when she hires the only female author in her male team. But if initially in this way it was only planned to solve the...

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WEBRip 06 September 2019 7.4/10297 votes 7.5/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Fantasy / Horror Director:Melanie Martinez Cast:Melanie Martinez, Elita Harkov, Zión Moreno, Megan Gage, Zinnett Hendrix Release Date:5 September 2019 Language:English Time: 96 min

In this eerily enchanting musical film by Melanie Martinez, Cry Baby, a strong and sensitive girl, is sent off to a disturbing sleepaway school that's hidden underneath a grandiose façade. Luckily,...

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WEBRip 06 September 2019 7.3/1080 votes 7.75/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Drama / Thriller Director:Kevin McMullin Cast:Jaeden Martell, Shea Whigham, Keean Johnson, James Paxton, Kristine Froseth Release Date:4 October 2019 Language:English Time: 84 min

A company of young people spends summers on Jersey Shore Beach. Alan, Red and Smitty wander aimlessly around the neighborhood, wandering into holiday homes to pocket the valuables of scattered...

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