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A man at all times wished that his name was marked by history, that he was remembered not only by close people, but also by those who did not know him personally. This happens infrequently, only the most talented representatives of mankind were awarded this honor. In order for you to remember, you must have outstanding abilities. For a writer, the most important thing is to release as many best-sellers as possible, for the artist several masterpieces are needed, and for an athlete, winning victories are important.It does not matter what kind of activity a person has, the main thing is diligence and inborn talent. Biographical films about great people, as well as possible, can demonstrate to fans all aspects of the life of their idol. The path to glory is never easy; the more difficult each step to glory is, the more valuable it will be later.

Those who easily climbed the starry sky very quickly were forgotten, and diligent and talented people remained in history for centuries. A biography of famous people shows how a person who has achieved fame is. From birth to his death, there were people who supported him and taught him, friends and relatives that helped him to work. Even the most reticent character always has a number of people who led him to glory. On our site you can find a lot of movie biographies that you can download torrent for free and in high quality.

Very often, people achieve great success, setting a big goal and inspiring themselves with the success of their idols. Sometimes it even turns into a competition, because you so want to achieve much more than this or that famous person received. The best biographical films sometimes motivate viewers to be even more diligent in their work. To achieve fame and success is not easy, because it requires heavy daily work. First of all, it is necessary to overcome the limits of our own forces in order to advance one step further and open up even more serious opportunities. Biography movie help not only to learn about the life of an idol, but also to gather knowledge from it, which in a certain period of time will help you achieve your goals.

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CAMRip 27 September 2019 6.7/10341 votes 8.88/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Biography / Drama / History Director:Rupert Goold Cast:Renée Zellweger, Jessie Buckley, Rufus Sewell, Michael Gambon, Finn Wittrock, Bella Ramsey Release Date:26 September 2019 Language:English Time: 118 min

The events of the British dramatic film "Judy", based on real historical events and personalities, begin their development at the very end of the sixties of the last century. London, being not only...

0 3 191
WEBRip 22 September 2019 8.0/10298 votes 7.0/10 User votes
Year2018 Country:Canada Genre:Movies / Biography / Drama Director:Miranda de Pencier Cast:Booboo Stewart, Ben Schnetzer, Eric Schweig, Will Sasso, Tantoo Cardinal Release Date:8 September 2018 Language:English Time: 102 min

In a small northern town, characterized by the highest suicide rate among all of North America, a group of schoolchildren get acquainted with such a sport as lacrosse, and their life is noticeably...

0 334
WEBRip 05 September 2019 6.2/10186 votes 8.0/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Biography Director:Theo Davies Cast:Andrew Steel, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Tom Sizemore, Danny Trejo, Frank Whaley, Julian Curtis Release Date:7 June 2019 Language:English Time: 107 min

One boy's wish changed a man. One man's wish changed the world....

0 629
WEB-DLRip 19 August 2019 5.3/10436 votes 8.5/10 User votes
Year2018 Country:Ireland, UK Genre:Movies / Biography / Drama Director:Chanya Button Cast:Elizabeth Debicki, Gemma Arterton, Isabella Rossellini, Rupert Penry-Jones, Peter Ferdinando Release Date:6 June 2019 Language:English Time: 110 min

The dramatic film “Vita & Virginia”, based on real events and personalities, as well as filmed by the joint efforts of British and Irish filmmakers, develops in one of the brightest periods in...

0 1 774
WEBRip 18 August 2019 6.0/10385 votes 9.0/10 User votes
Year2018 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Biography / Drama / Thriller Director:Nick Hamm Cast:Jason Sudeikis, Lee Pace, Judy Greer, Corey Stoll, Isabel Arraiza Release Date:16 August 2019 Language:English Time: 108 min

The action of the comedy film "Driven" is developing in California. This place is considered one of the most dynamic in the whole country. And all because of this, that here big business is...

0 1 587
WEBRip 30 July 2019 6.1/10163 votes
Year2018 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Biography / Drama Director:Edward Zwick Cast:Jack O'Connell, Laura Dern, Emily Meade, Jade Pettyjohn, Rhoda Griffis Release Date:17 May 2019 Language:English Time: 127 min

The plot of the film “Trial by Fire” is based on real events that took place in the USA in December 1991. Cameron Todd Willingham’s house in Texas caused a fire in which three of his young daughters...

0 2 163
WEBRip 24 July 2019 6.6/101 630 votes 7.5/10 User votes
Year2018 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Biography / Crime / Drama Director:Guy Nattiv Cast:Jamie Bell, Danielle Macdonald, Daniel Henshall, Bill Camp, Louisa Krause Release Date:26 July 2019 Language:English Time: 120 min

Brion Winder is an ardent skinhead who is a member of a gang that promotes racism, violence and hatred. Brion imprinted this ideology on his skin by stuffing tattoos in which the symbols and signs of...

0 2 516
BDRip 07 July 2019 6.7/1043 495 votes 8.17/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Biography / Crime / Drama / Thriller Director:Joe Berlinger Cast:Zac Efron, Lily Collins, John Malkovich, Kaya Scodelario, Jeffrey Donovan Release Date:10 May 2019 Language:English Time: 110 min

Ted Bundy has always been very popular with the fair sex. Irresistible appearance, athletic physique and incomparable feeling of charm made the girls dream about the favor of a handsome man. For the...

0 24 161
HDRip 06 July 2019 6.2/102 393 votes
Year2018 Country:UK Genre:Movies / Biography / Drama Director:Trevor Nunn Cast:Judi Dench, Sophie Cookson, Tom Hughes, Tereza Srbová, Laurence Spellman Release Date:19 April 201 Language:English Time: 101 min

The British film tells a fascinating story based on the events that happened in reality. In the late thirties, young Joan was educated at Cambridge. In the same period of her life, the main character...

0 3 567
BDRip 06 July 2019 7.4/1013 046 votes 8.75/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:Ireland Genre:Movies / Biography / Drama / Thriller Director:Farhad Safinia Cast:Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Natalie Dormer, Ioan Gruffudd, Jeremy Irvine Release Date:25 April 2019 Language:English Time: 124 min

Professor James Murray spent a long time studying linguistics - he devoted all his free time to learning the rules of writing words of the English language and their meanings. Having come to the...

0 3 486
BDRip 06 July 2019 5.6/102 534 votes 10/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Biography / Drama Director:Roxann Dawson Cast:Chrissy Metz, Topher Grace, Mike Colter, Josh Lucas, Rebecca Staab Release Date:12 April 2019 Language:English Time: 116 min

A woman named Joyce West is a decent Christian living in the neighborhood of the small town of St. Louis. Her only joy after the death of her beloved spouse is the 14-year-old son, whom she took from...

0 7 138
HDRip 04 July 2019 7.7/1038 919 votes 9.25/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:UK, USA Genre:Movies / Biography / Drama / Musical Director:Dexter Fletcher Cast:Bryce Dallas Howard, Richard Madden, Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Tate Donovan, Charlie Rowe, Stephen Graham Release Date:6 June 2019 Language:English Time: 121 min

Born into an ordinary English family, Reginald Dwight grew up an unusually talented child — at the age of four, the boy played the piano beautifully and could accurately reproduce any melody he...

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