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Often in a person's life is not enough thrills. Every day a person is faced with a variety of situations, but they may be completely uninteresting. Sometimes the course of life resembles a swamp. It almost does not change with time, it does not receive fresh water. So in the modern pace of life, people exist in the same state. Every day is filled with the same events, we are surrounded by familiar objects and people. At this moment, some new items are needed to help a person shake off stagnation.

But it is impossible to urgently change your life foundations, quit your job and go to commit insane acts. In order to experience new emotions, people have long invented a movie. Movies action movie do a good job of this task, as they do not cause a feeling of fear or sadness, which can make a person even worse in despondency. The actions that occur in the films of this genre, on the contrary, cause an uplift. Skirmishes and chases, investigations and fights simply can not leave a person indifferent. From what is happening on the screen, the heart will begin to knock faster and the person himself may feel himself in the place of the main character. You can download action movies in good quality even in solitude, because what is happening on the screen is extremely understandable and does not require detailed discussion, although watching any movie in the company makes the film even more interesting.

It's no secret that Hollywood action films are very popular. No other country in the world has been able to surpass the quality of films coming out in the United States. The chase takes place as often as shooting, and the main characters of the films seem to be iron and impenetrable people. What is not the success of a good movie? You can download torrent fighters with your friends or alone, since it is these kind of films of this genre that really need good criticism from ordinary viewers.

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WEBRip 23 October 2019 6.75/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:Australia Genre:Movies / Action Director:Dee McLachlan Cast:David Arquette, Jackson Gallagher, Kendal Rae, Belinda McClory, Christopher Kirby Release Date:2019 Language:English

Sometime in the near future, paraplegic prison inmate Matt Mills meets "The Board" of Satoshi-Telefair Industries, who thank him for joining the Program. Under pressure and with a promise to make him...

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WEBRip 22 October 2019 6.0/10131 votes 6.75/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA, Spain Genre:Movies / Action / Drama / Thriller Director:Dan Krauss Cast:Nat Wolff, Alexander Skarsgård, Adam Long, Jonathan Whitesell, Brian Marc Release Date:25 October 2019 Language:English Time: 87 min

A young American soldier sent to the war in Afghanistan is discouraged by the behavior of his commander and is faced with a moral dilemma....

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BDRip 22 October 2019 5.1/103 570 votes 8.5/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Action / Crime / Drama Director:Andrea Berloff Cast:Elisabeth Moss, Melissa McCarthy, Domhnall Gleeson, Tiffany Haddish, Margo Martindale, Jeremy Bobb Release Date:26 September 2019 Language:English Time: 102 min

The plot of the film takes place on the streets of New York in the 1970s. The city is dominated by Irish gangsters led by Jimmy Brennan. One day, when no one expected, the gang was raided by the FBI....

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WEBRip 20 October 2019 3.5/10561 votes 5.75/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:Canada, USA Genre:Movies / Action / Crime / Thriller Director:Brian A. Miller Cast:Bruce Willis, Michael Chiklis, Meadow Williams, Kyle Schmid, Texas Battle Release Date:27 September 2019 Language:English Time: 89 min

Expert robber Frank Sullivan never had a job problem until his brother was killed during a robbery. After losing consciousness, Frank wakes up in a dirty alley, not remembering why the robbery failed...

0 162
WEBRip 13 October 2019 7.9/1059 373 votes 6.0/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Action / Drama Director:Vince Gilligan Cast:Aaron Paul, Charles Baker, Matt Jones, Jonathan Banks, Larry Hankin Release Date:11 October 2019 Language:English Time: 122 min

Jesse Pinkman was a fairly talented specialist in the field of pharmaceuticals. At one time, the guy began to use his skills in the criminal business. He was manufacturing potent meth for one...

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BDRip 13 October 2019 7.1/10108 913 votes 9.25/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Action / Adventure / Drama / Family / Musical Director:Jon Favreau Cast:Chiwetel Ejiofor, Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Amy Sedaris, James Earl Jones, Keegan-Michael Key, Billy Eichner Release Date:18 July 2019 Language:English Time: 118 min

Simba is a small, insensible lion cub, born in the family of the leader, therefore in the future claiming his throne. Now the restless, inquisitive kid tries to learn from his father various things,...

0 28 856
CAMRip 13 October 2019 7.4/101 002 votes 8.75/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Action / Comedy / Horror Director:Ruben Fleischer Cast:Emma Stone, Zoey Deutch, Abigail Breslin, Woody Harrelson, Bill Murray, Jesse Eisenberg, Rosario Dawson Release Date:11 October 2019 Language:English Time: 99 min

The main characters of the picture “Zombieland: Double Tap” - Columbus, Tallahassee and two charming sisters continue to travel around America, inhabited by bloodthirsty zombies. But not only the...

0 7 282
WEBRip 06 October 2019 4.8/10110 votes
Year2018 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Action / Drama / Thriller Director:Richard Ryan Cast:Richard Ryan, Jackie Nova, Anzu Lawson, Leon van Waas Release Date:1 August 2018 Language:English

Upon learning that he took part in the development by the US state of a deadly virus that will enslave all people, Joseph Markam is on the run. Will he be able to save the life of himself and his...

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WEBRip 06 October 2019 4.8/10105 votes 5.25/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:Canada Genre:Movies / Action / Drama / Thriller Director:Christopher Cantwell Cast:Aaron Paul, Danny Murphy, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Scoot McNairy, Darcy Fehr Release Date:4 October 2019 Language:English Time: 93 min

A little boy from the quiet town of North Dakota makes friends with a dangerous criminal on the run who is the only person who can help him overcome his fears....

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WEBRip 06 October 2019 4.5/1064 votes 6.0/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Action Director:Mike Gunther Cast:Stephen Lang, Will Yun Lee, Chris Mulkey, Rory Markham, Roman Mitichyan Release Date:4 October 2019 Language:English Time: 103 min

A group of military elite from the U.S., Russia, UK, China and France join forces to fight an elite underground terrorist network....

0 708
WEBRip 06 October 2019 6.4/1057 votes 6.0/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:UK, USA Genre:Movies / Action / Drama Director:Henry Alex Rubin Cast:Jai Courtney, Nat Wolff, Finn Wittrock, Leighton Meester, Beau Knapp Release Date:4 October 2019 Language:English Time: 99 min

Cal, a police officer and a Marine in reserve, is used to doing everything by the rules. When Oyster, Cal’s younger half-brother, accidentally kills a man while fighting in a bar and tries to escape,...

0 386
WEBRip 05 October 2019 6.2/1011 372 votes 8.38/10 User votes
Year2019 Country:USA Genre:Movies / Action / Comedy / Crime / Thriller Director:Michael Dowse Cast:Karen Gillan, Dave Bautista, Natalie Morales, Betty Gilpin, Kumail Nanjiani, Mira Sorvino, Jimmy Tatro Release Date:11 July 2019 Language:English Time: 105 min

A taxi driver named Stu has been a driver for several years. The guy is very polite and courteous to all clients, because more than anything, he values his rating in Uber. The hero is sure: the best...

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